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Our slimline windows have the look and feel of steel but with the high performance of aluminium. Combining elegant design with sturdy build quality in a successful marriage of functionality and aesthetics.

Make a statement and impress by installing aluminium windows with a modern edge into your home.


Thanks to the very narrow width of the aluminium profiles on these windows, the sash construction is available with visible or invisible profiles from the outside of the building. The choice is yours.

With invisible profiles, opening windows have the same sleek appearance of fixed windows, with no visible outer frame.

Furthermore, our slimline system delivers high-grade thermal insulation on a variety of inward-opening windows.

So, whether you are seeking side-hung, tilt, tilt-turn opening or fixed, with this system you will enjoy a robust, sturdy structure.

Window locking mechanism


Windows are available fixed or inward opening, with turn, tilt, and turn-tilt variations, offering you ultimate flexibility. All boast super slim-line frames.

Profile view of window frame

Double or Triple Glazed Window Options

Window frames are suitable for both double and triple glazing, catering to a glass thickness of up to 81mm without losing the slim look.

Side on view of aluminium window frame

Superior Thermal Efficiency for the Home

Incredibly energy efficient and highly thermally-insulated, our windows are capable of achieving U-values as low as 1.0 W/m2K.


These windows are characterised by superb acoustic insulation, as well as excellent water and air tightness.

Excellent thermal insulation is made possible, in part, thanks to the special shape of the central gasket. The technology used during construction is simplified as much as possible, with profile connections (corner and T-type) made by twisting or pinning.

All windows can be micro-ventilated thanks to special fittings.

With invisible hinges, glazing options up to 81 mm, and a large selection of window handles to match any project, you’re sure to find the perfect glazing solution.


What is slimline glazing?

Slimline windows are windows where the sightlines are smaller and less visible than regular windows. By using strong aluminium frames that are narrower than regular uPVC options, the glazing area of slimline windows can be larger and thereby achieve a contemporary, minimalist look.

What is the thickness of a slimline window frame?

Both external frames for fixed windows and inward opening tilt and turn window options with invisible profiles are 33mm.

Is aluminium triple/double glazing as good as uPVC?

Aluminium is incredibly strong and as a result, windows forged from this material can have slimmer frames and larger expanses of glass than uPVC windows. It is extremely durable, and will last decades before there is even a slim chance of rust or corrosion. These windows are also more environmentally friendly to produce than uPVC.

uPVC does marginally have the edge when it comes to thermal efficiency, but modern aluminium windows still provide a great level of insulation.

With their contemporary appearance, aluminium windows are well suited to properties where you wish to achieve striking architectural lines.

What are the advantages of windows that open inwards (tilt and turn)?

Whilst outward opening windows are very popular in the UK, there are a number of advantages to inward opening options, namely;


Stylish, contemporary and sophisticated, slimline aluminium windows are an eye-catching addition to any property.

The narrow frame on our aluminium windows increases the glazed area, allowing an abundance of natural light to flood in to your home whilst you enjoy expanded views.


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Whether you live in a rural house or an urban new-build, slimline aluminium windows are the perfect modern addition to any home.

To find out more about our exquisite range of double and triple glazing solutions, please contact our team today.